Short-Term Missions for Your Church

Your Church as A Whole

We need local churches as well as individual believers to partner with us.


Consider being an “anchor church” for a particular city: An anchor church is a place where our campaigners can meet, take meals, rest—a place to serve as our base of operations in a given city.


Follow-Up: We need churches to help reach the individuals whose names and addresses we gather during the campaigns. We have discipleship material designed for Jewish people as well as non-Jews.

Individuals in Your Congregation

Prayer: Encourage someone in your church to organize a prayer team in preparation for one of the campaigns. People can pray on site during the campaign, if possible. They can pray during the follow-up process. We will supply them with regular praise and prayer items.


Invitations and Visits: We’d love to invite the Jewish friends of your church members to special evangelistic events in BYG cities. And we’d especially like to visit these Jewish friends with your church members. Prayerfully consider entrusting us in this way.


Information: Someone in your congregation may know of special events, great places to hand out tracts, terrific Christians in the area who would be interested in helping us, etc. If they have some expertise or even one key fact about any of these cities, let them tell us what they know!


Behind the Scenes: From packing tract bags, cooking and serving meals, baking cookies, clean-up, laundry, computer savvy for web outreach (or just keeping the e-prayer chain current), data entry, sending out mailings to generally caring for the campaigners’ needs, your people can be a blessing.


Front Line: People in your congregation can use one of our gospel bumper stickers or plant a campaign sign in their front yard! Or they can join us for music and drama outreach…or to hand out gospel tracts with us…or to pray on site as we hand out the tracts. They can talk with seekers, face-to-face or on the phone. Whether it’s during commute times, in a shopping mall, on a college campus or at a local café, there are opportunities to reach unbelievers. Experience is not a prerequisite. A heart for God is. No one needs to be intimidated—we’ll train participants! Our days begin early and end late with a couple of breaks in-between. Maybe some people can do it all, others just segments.