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Here is a selection of some of our most important articles on the subject of the local church. Feel free to pass these articles on to your own church members or to fellow clergy using these guidelines. Articles from this web site can be reproduced in your church bulletin or other church publication, following these easy guidelines:

The article or web page must be reproduced in its entirety. If you wish to abridge an article, please let us know ahead of time which portion you plan to use. You can contact us¬†with this information. Please include the attribution, “Copyright Jews for Jesus. Used by permission.” If you can, please include a link to our site

Our message to Jewish believers in Jesus about taking part in a local congregation:

Don’t Give Up on Your Local Church!
Choosing Between a Local Church or a Messianic Congregation


A paper delivered (November 1997) to the Evangelical Missiological Society by David Brickner, Executive Director:

Jewish Resistance to the Gospel-HTML version
Jewish Resistance to the Gospel-PDF version