Jewish Evangelism Training


In-depth classroom learning and practical training in Jewish evangelism. The course takes place at the end of June. We are now accepting applications!


Each June in Chicago, Jews for Jesus offers a unique training in Jewish evangelism techniques on campus at the Moody Bible Institute.

In the classroom: For two-weeks, instructed by missionary Andrew Barron, students have the opportunity to study a variety of topics relevant to Jewish evangelism; missions to the Jews, Jewish history, Judaism, apologetics and contextual theology. Techniques learned in the classroom are put into context through roleplaying, and then applied in the busy urban setting of downtown Chicago – where an estimated 265,000 Jewish people reside.

Out on the streets: We go out in teams to share gospel literature, Bibles and to strike up conversations with people throughout the city: in busy commuter streets, shopping and theatre districts, and sports arenas. There are many, many opportunities to share your faith and put into action the Jewish evangelism techniques you are learning. While the training is hard work and intense, it’s much more than just classroom learning and street witnessing. It’s also a terrific opportunity to fellowship with other believers – worshiping, studying, playing and living together – and for many the friendships and bonds formed during this training have lasted a lifetime.

Course objectives: At the end of the class, students should be proficient in sharing their testimony and the gospel with a wide range of people that one meets in a major metropolitan area. The student will be equipped to deal with a large spectrum of historical and theological objections as well as navigate the various authorities one meets in a busy urban setting. Students may be eligible to receive 3 undergraduate college credits through Moody Bible Institute Distance Learning upon successful completion of the course. In order to receive credit, students must complete the non-degree application at and register for the course prior to attending class; please plan for a minimum of five business days to process applications and be registered accordingly.

Course Description:

40 hours of in-class lecture include

  • Jewish Apologetics
  • Basic Street Evangelism and Follow-up
  • Jewish Culture and History
  • How to give your testimony
  • Modern Jewish Mission History
  • Jewish History
  • Current Events
  • Leading Someone To Jesus
  • Cultural and Religious Observance
  • Israeli and the Holocaust
  • The Biblical Basis of Jewish Mission
  • Who is a Jew
  • Messianic Prophecy
  • Historical and Contemporary Judaism
  • Conversation Techniques
  • Teamwork
  • Dealing with Hostility
  • Dealing with Authorities

Costs: Participants are asked to fundraise or pay $700 for room and board plus transportation to and from Chicago during the training. If you take the course for college credit you must be registered for the course as a non-degree student (see above) and pay tuition expenses to Moody Bible Institute prior to the first day of class. Students who have successfully completed the course for credit may request an official transcript from Moody Bible Institute.


Moody Bible Institute: Since it was founded in 1886, Moody Bible Institute has been committed to helping people across the globe, cultures and generations to take the next step toward spiritual maturity. For over 125 years, many have come to Moody to be richly equipped in God’s Word to impact the world for Messiah.

About the instructor: Andrew Barron

Andrew Barron is Chief of Station at the Canadian branch of Jews for Jesus in Toronto. He was a science student whose studies in astronomy caused him to wonder about the vastness and complexity of the universe. In 1981, while helping to design and plan space shuttle missions for the United States Space Program, he came across a gospel pamphlet from Jews for Jesus and wrote a letter to the organization. One of the staff had a short speaking tour in Denver and arranged a meeting with Barron to discuss Jesus. Shortly after their meeting, Barron was convinced of Jesus’ Messiahship. He has served with the Los Angeles Branch, been a team leader on numerous Jews for Jesus Summer Witnessing Campaigns and pioneered the work of Jews for Jesus in South Africa. He and his wife, Laura (also a Jewish believer in Jesus) reside in North York, Ontario, with their three children Rafael, Ketzia and Simona.

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