Jesus the Messiah

“He was a good rabbi. He taught everyone to be nice to one another.”


“He was a good Jew, but Paul made him into a god for the Gentiles.”


“He got in trouble with the authorities and became a political martyr.”


One thing is certain; after two thousand years, Jesus of Nazareth is still as controversial in the Jewish community as he was in the first century. Still, most hold to the traditional bottom line that whatever he was, he wasn’t the expected Messiah.


Jews for Jesus begs to differ. We believe that Jesus was, and still is, who he claimed to be-the Messiah of Israel and of all nations. In this section, we present you with arguments for his Messiahship and respond to objections that you may have heard or raised. In this way, we join with those first-century Jews and Gentiles who found Jesus-in Hebrew, Yeshua-to be “the way, the truth, and the life.”