Campaign Stewards


While campaigners preach the gospel, stewards labor just as hard to make the evangelism possible.  A steward fills the much needed support role for either the Behold Your God Israel campaigns or the Summer Witnessing Campaigns.  This role includes doing anything from helping out with stuffing tract bags, shopping for food or supplies, meal preparation, laundry, running local errands, or even clerical work.


The goal is to be part of the support team that keeps the daily functions of the campaign running smoothly.  Like the campaigners, stewards work within a team and have on-the-job training. Being in good physical health is also important in order to carry out the many daily activities that are required.

Steward teams consist of approximately 5-10 people, both men and women, coordinated by the chief steward who is also the steward team leader.


To qualify you must be a believer in Jesus who doesn’t mind hard work, and who can work independently as well as on a team.  Approved applicants are required to raise $500 per week to cover costs.